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Sand & Sand Additives


We stock a wide variety of sub-angular and round grain sands available in both 50# and 100# bags along with 4000# palletainers. Round Grain sand has a reduced surface area, which significantly reduces the necessary bon or binder needed in green sand and no-bake systems.


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High-grade specialty sand occurs as magmatic segregations in ultrabasic igneous rocks that are mined and segregated. This sand is black in color and offers a very high heat transfer or a "chilling effect".


110 AFS Florida mined, round shaped sand, with high heat transfer.


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Veinseal® is a unique blend of superior quality materials specifically designed to improve your casting process. Our technologically advanced formulations intended for grey and ductile iron applications actually controls the thermal expansion reaction of chemically bonded core sands without compromising core integrity; ultimately providing your process with Defect-Free Castings and Excellent Surface Finish!

  • SAVE on Machine Labor & Tool Costs
  • PREVENT Veining & Gas Defects
  • IMPROVE Casting Finish & Process Times
  • EASY Incorporation into Your Sand-Core Mix Process
  • NO LOI with Inorganic Formulations

WESTERN BENTONITE (Sodium Montmorillonite)

One of the basic clays used in the metal casting industry.

  • Offers the highest hot and dry strengths
  • Develops a high degree of plasticity or toughness
  • The best clay for hot sand
  • Very high degree of durability

SOUTHERN BENTONITE (Calcium Montmorillonite)

Offers several characteristics different from western bentonite and is predominately used in nonferrous applications.

  • Develops the highest green strengths
  • Mulls faster and produces the most flowable sand
  • Lowest hot and dry strengths, and shakes-out freely


Technical Data Sheet pdf

The innovative solution to maximum quality with a Fully Converted Sodium Bentonite with the addition of organic additives.



PREMIX™ – conventional molding sand binders formulated with various clay products, various organic and inorganic additives.

IKO BOND® – conventional molding sand binders formulated with various clay additives which could include Sodium Bentonites, Clacium Bentonites, Fireclay and Fully Converted Sodium Bentonites.

Preblends reduce material handling costs, save storage space, and increase mold production and consistency.


A highly volatile low ash, low sulphur bituminous coal ground to various degrees of fineness. When mixed with molding sand and contacted by molten metal, the volatiles are released and give a quality to the casting called "peel". The sand does not stick to the casting, reducing cleaning cost and improving casting finish.

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