Lancaster Foundry Supply Co.

Refractories & Coatings

Check out some of our most popular items; we carry many more types, too numerous to list!

C-W 55 HS PLASTIC Phos-bonded plastic designed to give excellent strengths. 58% Alumina.

ARMOR KOTE Fine Grained Graphitic veneering Mix for coating ladles, helps in the removal of slag build-up.

C-W 620 SEAL A fine grained Phos-Bonded Veneering refractory 60% Alumina for use as a patch or lining material in molten metal handling equipment.

C-W 610 SEAL Veneering refractory, 85% Alumina manufactured on the fine and wet consistent to be applied with a rubber glove or trowel to patch worn linings, spouts and other high wear areas.

90 RAM TR 90% Alumina material for troweling and patching applications. Very durable high strength material, works well patching ceramic shell and investment molds also!

90 RAM PC Same and the TR but a stiffer putty consistency, works excellently for thin lining applications.

Cerecast 3000 High Alumina, Low Iron castable that can be cast or gunned. It has excellent spalling and abrasion resistance as well as high strengths and volume stability.


Core and Mold Coatings

  Refractory coatings are used on molds and cores to enhance the surface finish of the casting and reduce casting defects which occur at the sand-metal interface. The casting accomplishes this by having a higher melting point than the sand, and/or by forming an impermeable barrier between the sand grains and metal.

The Coatings available are based on five major components:

  • Refractory System
  • Carrier System
  • Suspension System
  • Binder System
  • Chemical Modifiers
The refractory system is the most important part of the coating, as it will determine the effectiveness of the coating. The type, shape, size distribution, thermal expansion, chemical reactivity, thermal conductivity and specific gravity are the basic criteria for selection of the proper refractory. The most commonly used liquid carriers are water and alcohol. ADVANTAGES OF OUR HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS

Coatings developed by ASK Chemicals are far more than a pure barrier between sand and metal. They are high performance systems and determine in a decisive way the accuracy and surface quality of the casted parts and thus specifically eliminate typical casting defects. Whereas all our coating systems are characterized by excellent casting results, low cleaning and fettling efforts as well as productivity and efficiency in the casting process, our water-based coatings even offer further and more advantages: +No limit in storing capacity +Adjusted processing characteristics +No further expenses for dilution ( solvents) +Emission – free +Improved casting surfaces +No pollution and contamination danger for employees by solvents +No need of further safety measures concerning fire protection +No need of installation of explosion hazardous equipment