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Binder Systems


High-performance advantages for the highest requirements

The cold box process is a high-performance, highly productive core manufacturing method that is used in large series production of cast parts in particular and features high process reliability and productivity. The defining feature of the cold box process is its high reactivity, which makes short production cycles possible for core production. ASK Chemicals has not only succeeded in further developing the process in terms of productivity but also with regard to humans and the environment. Our cold box systems offer you the following advantages:

  • The advantages for the environment and your staff
  • Reduced odor in core production and casting.
  • Low emissions of BTX gases.
  • Low monomer content.
  • Low-odor, nonhazardous solvents.
  • The advantage of increased productivity
  • Faster cycle times thanks to high reactivity.
  • Higher tool availability thanks to lower contamination from condensate and a lower tendency for adhesion.
  • Time saving since cleaning the core box requires less work.
  • Long sand bench life thanks to high strength.
  • The advantage of increased quality
  • Fewer casting defects thanks to process-optimized binders.
  • High dimensional consistency of the core during production and while the coating is drying thanks to high strength.
  • High dimensional consistency during casting thanks to high deformation stability.
  • High core quality and stability thanks to high process reliability and high strengths.
  • The advantage of cost reduction
  • Reduced binder consumption thanks to higher efficiency
  • High tool availability thanks to lower contamination from condensate and a lower tendency for adhesion Fewer cores are rejected thanks to higher stability
  • Reduced catalyst consumption thanks to high reactivity

NO-BAKE BINDER SYSTEMS A well-established authority in No-Bake Technology

ASK Chemicals has been a leader in developing no-bake technology throughout the years. Our legacy as no-bake innovators goes back well beyond the introduction of PEP SET in the 1970’s the industry revolutionizing phenolic urethane no-bake binder system. In fact, the very history of no-bake binder technology can be traced, in large part, to our researchers. This all stands as proof to our exceptional competence & expertise on the subject of all no-bake technologies presently available on the market. PHENOLIC URETHANE NO-BAKE


PEP SET is arguably the most trusted name in the no-bake marketplace. Known for its exceptional quality & highly controllable curing reactions, PEP SET has long been the standard in no-bake excellence. In fact, when placed on an automated production line (roller-loop or turn table) PEP SET can produce fully cured molds in less than 90 seconds! Clearly, speed, application flexibility and overall ease of use make PEP SET ideal in satisfying any mold making requirement.

  • Benefits:
  • Predictable & repeatable cure times
  • Superior work time / strip time ratio
  • Excellent core & mold strengths
  • Ease of reclamation


The product range of brands for acid curing processes includes furan- and phenolic-resins and serves for a wide range of applications in foundries. ASKURAN -, CHEM-REZ- and BERANOL -resins can be applied for all casting dimensions and metal types depending on the sand characteristic and related analytical data.

  • Benefits:
  • Excellent casting surface
  • Controllable curing speed
  • High strength
  • Excellent shake-out and release

ASKURAN RS is a furan resin binder for the no-bake acid hardening process with reduced sulfur content. The binder system offers environmental benefits as well as a solution for improving casting quality and productivity. The special chemical properties of the ASKURAN RS binders help to optimize the casting processes in foundries.

  • Benefits:
  • Reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions
  • Lower sulfur content in the mechanically reclaimed sand
  • Lower environmental pollution and emission of disagreeable odors
  • Minimum graphite degradation during nodular casting
  • Increased casting productivity



The no-bake solution for all metals, especially steel castings, and all mould sizes. This ester-curing water-based no-bake is capable of being used in most casting processes. It’s water-based nature reduces material handling requirements, as well as casting defects associated with solvent based binder systems. Part II of this no-bake binder requires a liquid ester co-reactant. ASK Chemicals offers the widest range of co-reactants allowing for all levels of productivity. Thus, Novaset is ideal in most large scale casting productions, especially in steel applications. It should be noted that as with all Alkaline Phenolic No-Bake technology sand reclamation is more problematic requiring greater control than other no-bake processes. ASK Chemicals, fortunately, offers industry leading technical services to assist you in all your casting challenges.

  • Benefits:
  • Wide variety of co-reactants
  • Eco-friendly organic binder system
  • Ideal for use in steel casting production