Lancaster Foundry Supply Co.

Technical Papers

Available upon request:

  • Optimizing New Sand and Core Sand Additions in Foundry Greensand Systems
  • Interrelationships of Quality Systems; Making QS-9000 Work
  • Our Competitive Advantage?  “It’s Education”
  • How Does a Greensand Foundry Know When its Sand System is Overbonded
  • Evaluating Emission Characteristics of Seacoal and Seacoal Supplements Using Advanced Analytical Techniques
  • Understanding the Variations in Cellulose for Molding Sand
  • Understanding Emissions in Green Sand Molding
  • Understanding the Application of Green Sand Release Agents
  • Greensand Without Seacoal
  • Three Methods of Reducing Seacoal by Adding Graphite into Greensand
  • Additives for High Pressure Molding at Low Compactabilities
  • A study on the Friability of Hot Sand
  • ****MANY MORE GREENSAND PAPERS**** tell us what you are looking for
  • Formation and Control of Lustrous Carbon Surface Defects in Iron and Steel Castings
  • Formation and Control of Lustrous Carbon Surface Defects
  • Phenolic and Furan NoBake Test Procedures
  • Phenolic Urethane NoBake Technology: A Training Program
  • Continuous Mixer Pump Cleanout Procedures
  • ****MANY MORE NOBAKE/AIRSET WHITE PAPERS****tell us what you are looking for