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Risering, Filtering & Gating


Joymark and Fiber Ceramics full line of fiber ceramic risers, sprues, gating tile, pouring basins, formed shapes, and hot topping has been a great product line for our customers.


ASK Chemicals Hi-Tech, the metal filtration arm of ASK Chemicals, developed fully sintered reticulated ceramic in the early 1980’s thereby opening the door for the filtration of high temperature alloys. This breakthrough has led to a higher level of quality, metal cleanliness, and yield improvements for both the foundry and investment casting industries worldwide. Our filters are globally recognized as the highest quality in the industry. ASK Chemicals offers a full portfolio of metal filtration products for all metal types and applications, which includes UDICELL and EXACTFLO metal filtration products. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality products and solutions bundled with the highest level of experience and service to assist today’s metal casters in successful filter implementations. ASK Chemicals offers three varieties of filters:

1. UDICELL 2. EXACTFLO 3. UDICELL Investment Casting Filters

ASK Chemicals offers filters in a variety of pour sizes:

• 10 PPI • 15 PPI • 20 PPI • 30 PPI • 45 PPI